Pauline Hazeu

Sensitive and expressive, that is the work of Pauline Hazeu. With the force of unbroken lines she colourfully displays her ideology, and with an apparent nonchalance comes very close to subtle expressions of feeling, of both human and animals: character and moods are captured flawlessly. Not by copying reality, but by looking, researching, and looking again and again. Only then she strikes, with intuitiveness, sensory perceptiveness and enthusiasm. Whether on human or animal – because these are usually on her drawings and paintings - she imperceptibly expresses the inner emotions of beings which she draws, paints or models and gives new life. Without words she tells about the frame of mind which hides behind the posture of a body or the expression of a face: she tells about sadness, tenderness, joy, loneliness… but also shows her own state of mind. Her work displays the precision of doing justice on her subject, but still shows her own personal, vital signature and playground of her own fantasy. Like strolling around in the great old house where she lives with her family, the house which is a living museum and a breeding place for diverse art related activities. Behind everything you discover in the picturesque house which shines at you with the same authentic beauty incorporated in her drawings, is the personal story of the intensity and commitment of Pauline Hazeu.

Pauline Hazeu, 1947. Education: the Academy of Arts in Tilburg and the Fashion Academy in Amsterdam.
Tekst Miriam Guensberg.